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24-Apr-12, 14:55
Hi looking to buy a new book thriller maybe one that doesnt take 3 pages to describe a room ,fast moving and gripping ,one i dont want to put down ..read all Tim Ellis they are brill

24-Apr-12, 23:23
I loved I, claudius - I know it's not exactly a thriller in normal terms but it did keep me on the edge of my seat

27-Apr-12, 19:04
Just finished the Millenium Trilogy of books by Stieg Larsson, they start with "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo".

I have to say I couldn't put them down and read all three, one after t'other. Absolutely fantastic read and one book naturaly follows from the last.

It is a pity that Stieg Larsson died just after finishing the last one. A sad loss to the literary world.

28-Apr-12, 19:01
Lee Child's Jack Reacher series. Start at the first book and work through

pig whisperer
05-May-12, 20:59
Have to agree, Lee Childs, hero 'Jack Reacher' is brilliant, its action all way

05-May-12, 23:10
mary higgins clark is good

Tilly Teckel
06-May-12, 19:19
I have to agree with Aestus57 that the Millennium trilogy is fantastic. Took me a little while to get into the first book to be honest, I think just because of all the foreign place names (:roll:) but once I decided to just ignore them, I loved it!

'Before I Go To Sleep' by SJ Watson was pretty good too, but not one I would choose to read over and over like the Millennium books.

07-May-12, 14:10
thank you all off to have a look now

Tilly Teckel
07-May-12, 20:49
I noticed today in Tesco they have a pack of all three Millennium books for under a fiver - definitely worth buying!