View Full Version : C.dificile update at Raigmore

20-Apr-12, 15:33
No further cases reported say NHS Highland

Raigmore Hospital held a further meeting today (20th April) to consider the significance of a number of recent cases of Clostridium difficile infection that have arisen.

There are no new cases and the infection is currently confined to one ward. Two of the positive patients have been discharged while one is still being treated and remains in isolation.

The ward remains closed to new admissions but it is planned to reopen on Monday (23rd April) once deep cleaning is complete.
Clostridium difficile is a bacterium which particularly affects patients on strong antibiotics. It is spread in the faeces through bacteria and by spores which allow the bacteria to survive in the environment. It is a serious problem for hospitals because many patients are on antibiotics and are also already sick which makes them susceptible.
When controlling Clostridium difficile there is no single solution but measures being taken include:
 Closure of an affected ward (2C, which treats Oncology patients) to eliminate the risk of cross infection to newly admitted patients and to allow specialist cleaning to happen
 Isolation of symptomatic patients
 Increased frequency of routine cleaning
 Ongoing intensive surveillance across the hospital
 Limiting the use of broad spectrum antibiotics
 Scrupulous compliance with hand-hygiene by staff and visitors to reduce the risk of spread in the hospital environment
 Heightened awareness of control measures among staff, patients and visitors
NHS Highland has advised that any member of the public who has recently been an inpatient in Raigmore Hospital and is concerned about symptoms of diarrhoea should contact NHS24 or their GP in the first instance.