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19-Apr-12, 11:18
Scottish Slimmers have two new class managers in Caithness. There will be classes all over the county starting very soon!
Times and venues are yet to be confirmed but there will be a morning/lunch time class in Wick. Other places include Thurso,
Halkirk,Canisbay/Mey,Lybster,Helmsdale and Golspie.The existing classes will remain at same times and venues!

If you have any suggestions on venues/times please feel free to contact me.
I can assure you all classes will be very welcoming and confidential.

May I also add that I myself have a lot of weight to lose so we will be doing this together!!

Look forward to seeing you!

20-Apr-12, 10:21
I'm not complaining but not sure why this was moved? i was only letting people know this was on and asking for some feed back.

03-May-12, 17:56
when are the new scottish slimmers classes starting,

03-May-12, 19:05
The Wick class starts next week(wed 9th may) in The Norseman at 12.15. There will be a short talk to explain the class and eating plan.The weigh and go will follow at 12.30-1.30 for anyone wanting to pop in on their lunch break.
The other classes all start the following week. I know that I will be in Golspie at 5.30 in The Caberfeidh and in Helmsdale at 7.30(venue still to be confirmed).
Sharon is still doing Thurso on a monday night and Wick on a tuesday night.
Also Laura is doing Thurso on a Thursday night and Halkirk and Lybster(nights to be confirmed).
Hope this helps

03-May-12, 20:45
What does it cost Cat :)

03-May-12, 21:42
It's 5.95 a week, membership is 1 at the moment.There are passes for 6,8,10 or 12 weeks that you can buy that makes classes work out cheaper too!:D