View Full Version : Wick victim in store drama

19-Apr-12, 08:24
"I've got a knife...give me the money" - robber

A MAN who robbed an Edinburgh shop, holding a knife to the neck of a Wick assistant, will be sentenced next month.
In what was described as “a crime utterly lacking in sophistication” the accused, Walter Moss made his getaway from a branch of Margiotta, in the Haymarket Terrace, with 900 but was arrested soon afterwards.
He was a regular customer at the shop and had made no effort to disguise himself, the High Court in Edinburgh was told yesterday. Moss admitted assaulting student Sam Hendry, by seizing him, holding a knife to his neck, repeatedly demanding money and robbing him, on January 27, this year.
Mr Hendry was mopping the floor of the store with a teenage colleague when Moss appeared. He was grabbed by Moss who held the knife to him shouting - “I’ve got a knife...give me the money!” After the accused left, a shaken Mr Hendry informed the manager they had been robbed.
Defence solicitor advocate Andrew Houston said that Moss (27) was on benefits and had run up an overdraft with his bank which made him anxious. Mr Hendry and his colleague was immediately shocked and frightened by the robbery experience but had recovered over time, although Mr Hendry had been left with a heightened sense of wariness.
The judge, Lord Uist, who saw CCTV footage of the robbery, deferred sentence for reports and a risk assessment on the accused.