View Full Version : The April/May Bargains Are In!

Mrs Sweetie
18-Apr-12, 12:46
Hello! :D The new deals are now in at Meiklejohns, Thurso Street, Wick and there are some great bargains:

* Mars/Snickers/Twix - any 3 for 1.20

* Walkers crisps big bags price marked 1.29 - only 1 per bag, flavours include Ready Salted, Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli and Extra Crunchy Cheddar and Sour Cream

* Powerade energy drink price marked 99p - only 59p per bottle

* Vimto juice 500ml bottles price marked 95p/1 - buy one get one free

* Pot Noodle price marked 1.09 - only 75p each

* Randoms/Fruit Pastilles/Jelly Tots/Smarties/Fruit Bottles (NEW sweetie) - any 3 for 1.20

* Jacobs Oddities (NEW little snacks), cheese and smokey bacon flavours - any 3 for 1

* Energy chocolate bar - 35p

Hope you can find something you like. Thank you!