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18-Apr-12, 09:10
My daughters cat has gone missing :( Hes a grey and white very friendly yet shy tabby cat. Hes just moved to the spring park area and he got out the back door and has disappeared. He has no collar and has not been chipped. Hes about 2 years old and his name is Fluffy. He had a black smudge on his nose and his tummy is very white with a small patch of grey and white on his chest.

Please call/text if you have seen him


Thanks :(

24-Apr-12, 09:51
Its been one week now and no word about our missing cat, If you have any info good or bad please get in touch, Ive reported it to the vets and balmore but still no news :(

24-Apr-12, 13:48
I am so very sorry to hear that Fluffy is still missing. :(

Has your daughter tried all the outbuildings in the area? The majority of cats who go missing have been shut in somewhere.
Also, put posters up in the area.

You say he just moved to Spring Park. Did he live locally before? If so, he could be trying to go back to his old home.

Really hope for good news soon!

24-Apr-12, 15:45
Thank you.

Yeah we have been out shouting him and looking but still no luck, my daughter is only 6 and we have just moved a fortnight ago so im not too keen on letting her out on her own either, shes like me and the cat...... has no sense of direction. My friend posted on her Facebook and someone has possibly seen him in the Pennyland area, so fingers crossed we find him. We moved from the other side of town (Henderson Court) so im hoping he is making his way back there. Im just worried he hasnt been able to get food but he is usually quite good at hunting.

Will keep you posted!

24-Apr-12, 19:43
Sorry I didn't realise your daughter was so young.
I'm so glad there has been a possible sighting and he may well be making his way back to Henderson Court. Have you alerted the people in that area to keep a look out?

Oh don't worry about him getting food! I can assure you that cats are amazing animals and great survivors. If he's a good hunter he will get plenty and it's amazing where they will find food.

I will put details on my facebook page as well. Do you have a photo you could email me? Or if your friend has it on her facebook page I could maybe share it?

25-Apr-12, 08:37
Lol, thats ok.

I sure hope so, there was a different sighting of him possibly in Morven Place which is quite likely him, we did go a look last night but nope, nothing.

Yes, i can either email it to you or its on "Caithness Ads" on Facebook under Michelle Hay.

Thank You!