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16-Apr-12, 16:05
I would like to congratulate Jennifer bodek on her tv appearence on stv, tomorrow night,promoting her amazing weight loss on slimming world Thurso, and the lunch of her new facebook page diet or die well done

16-Apr-12, 16:11
what time on stv please

16-Apr-12, 16:25
suppose to be on tomorrow stv between 6 and 6.30pm

16-Apr-12, 17:03
thank you for that

16-Apr-12, 17:41
I have to say i watch Jennifer come through the doors in slimming world every tuesday, she has done amazing between the support of the consultant and the inspiration of how well Jennifer is doing i am glad i joined the group recommend it to any one with weight problems i am now 2 stone lighter

17-Apr-12, 18:36
what happened i missed her

17-Apr-12, 21:58
Has anyone got a link so I can watch it, I missed it on the tv and would love to see it!

18-Apr-12, 10:25
apparently it was not on last night, it is going to be on tonight between 6 and 6.30pm on stv news

18-Apr-12, 20:41
Ok what happened still not shown but there is more important things to be televised.

Tilly Teckel
19-Apr-12, 00:29
and the lunch of her new facebook page diet or die

Ha ha - Freudian slip maybe? :lol:

Seriously though, well done to Jennifer!