View Full Version : Raigmore coffee bar reopened.

13-Apr-12, 16:44
Upgrade has produced a relaxing and comfortable facility

FOLLOWING a period of refurbishment, Raigmore Hospital’s front entrance coffee bar has reopened and the longer opening hours, wider menu choice and increased comfort will benefit patients, visitors and staff.
The coffee bar went through an upgrade with a view to making it a relaxing and comfortable space for patients, visitors and staff as well as bringing it in line with current building requirements.
Crawford Howat, Hotel Services Catering Manager at Raigmore Hospital is delighted with the results and explained that work carried out has already made a big difference to the front of the hospital.
He said: “The furniture and surrounding décor was changed and it has really made a big difference to the front of the hospital making it a much more appealing area for people to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee.
We have also increased the choices on our menu which will now include freshly made in-house sandwiches, fresh coffee prepared by trained Barista staff and a selection of home baking prepared by our in–house bakers.”
The new development also has extended opening hours with the facilities being available Monday-Friday from 8am-7pm, and over the weekend from 11am-6.30pm.
Mr Howat said: “The coffee bar is there for everyone to use patients, visitors or member of staff and I am confident that it will be well received and used by all.”
The work, which was carried out by ScotMac took just under two months at a cost £140k, this was funded by a loan from the Endowment Funds Committee. This will be paid back over a period of four years using the improved revenue from the new coffee bar.
Vending machines which were in the old area have been moved to a dedicated vending room in the main hospital corridor and are available 24/7.