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13-Apr-12, 14:14
Sympathy for stores hit by shoplifters

A FAR NORTH sheriff has sympathised with local stores targeted by shoplifters.
Sheriff Andrew Berry told teenager Dominic Long, who helped himself to a bottle of port from his local Co-op, in Thurso: “It must be infuriating for shops to have people stealing from their premises.”
The sheriff added that the management and staff of the store would doubtless be “wholly unimpressed” by the fact that Long was subject to two bail orders when he committed the offence on April 9.
Long, of 38 Holborn Avenue, Thurso, admitted the theft, at Wick Sheriff Court, today and was ordered to carry out 40 hours unpaid work in the community.
Sheriff Berry observed that the 16-year old was making “some progress” with a current community service order and stressed that this must be maintained. It was important that there was no further offending, otherwise said the sheriff: “The time may come when I will say – ‘No more, and send you into custody.”
In an earlier shoplifting case, at the other end of the county, Francis McPhee made off with a bottle of vodka from the Wick Co-op store.
Senior fiscal depute, David Barclay said that the vodka was not recovered, adding: “The accused was in a state of intoxication, an inference to be drawn as to where the alcohol went.”
McPhee, of 6 Macpherson Walk, Thurso, admitted the theft which occurred on April 2.
Sheriff Berry heard that the accused had begun treatment for his alcohol addiction while on remand and on the basis that he would continue to accept the help, admonished him.
The sheriff, however, warned that if McPhee (23) continued to mis-use alcohol, he would kill himself.

Demanded money allegation

A WICK man is accused of having walked into a neighbour’s house, uninvited and demanded money from him.
The accused, Alexander Macalpine (23) denied threatening or abusive behaviour when he appeared at Wick Sheriff Court yesterday. (Friday)
The offence is alleged to have occurred on March 26 at the home of Richard Hogg, of 26 Cairndhuna Terrace, Wick.
Macalpine, who lives at No 29, will return to court for his trial on June 21.