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12-Apr-12, 09:14
Hi, I am looking for a male boxer for my girl, had hoped to use the same one as before but poor Max isn't feeling himself just now so sadly can't meet up with his girlfriend so if anyone knows of a nice handsome man and he has to be very friendly please get in contact


12-Apr-12, 19:56
Kim at 40 Kennedy ter has Boxer males - if they can't do it then they probably know someone who will as they are massive lovers of Boxers she also works in the back of the cafe at Tesco wick worth a try

13-Apr-12, 01:52
Hi, it's Kim's max that I used last time and had hoped to use him this time but he is under the weather at the moment so not an option sadly because they bred 9 great pups last year

13-Apr-12, 09:04
Oh monkeys!!! sorry i tried :O)

14-Apr-12, 14:36
Didnt your boxer have an emergency section and was very poorly? I remember something about a boxer giving birth

14-Apr-12, 17:12
Yeah that was her but vet has assured me that it would not happen again she has same chances of that as any dog, it was a puppy coming out side ways and was stuck. But due to her boyfriend not being up to it we have decided to not let her have any more,