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11-Apr-12, 00:49
I am looking for a puppy. All the puppies available seem to cost the earth. I just want a mutt, I dont care about pedigree or papers, I just want a puppy that the chuildren can love and care for. I am an experienced dog owner having had jack russels, labs and assorted mutts over the years, and although I have made it clear that I personally dont have the all encompassing passion for my animals - the children do and the puppy would be loved and walked and cuddled to bits by the wee ones. We lost our last dog in october last year and my wee girl is still sad about him and misses him. I feel its not fair to bring a rescue dog into our madly noisy and chaotic household especially as the wee ones are just wee. A puppy would grow with us and the children and get used to the crazyness that is our life. I would prefer a smaller dog like a beagle size or a staffie size rather than alsation size but I know with mongrels that its hard sometimes to tell how bg they will get.

So where do I look? All the adverts seem to have a price tag of several hundred pounds and I am not in a position to pay that amount for a car never mind a dog! Any ideas folks?

11-Apr-12, 01:31
Hi Squidge

You've come to the right place. Not all rescue dogs have been mistreated and not all of them are adult dogs, some are still puppies.

Here's a link you can have a look at, I'll add some more later.


www.lrrcs.org (http://www.lrrcs.org) (Caithness Lab Rescue)

I hope this helps.