View Full Version : Thurso at junction with A836 to Castletown

07-Apr-12, 08:00
The Caithness Business Index (http://www.caithness-business.co.uk) has posted the following article:

Thurso at junction with A836 to Castletown

Due to a previous incident at the above locus whereby the traffic light controlling traffic flowing South and traffic turning right into Tesco was damaged, it has come to the attention of police that drivers are failing to observe the red repeater light at the far side of this junction and travelling straight through. There is a high probability of an accident occurring as a result of this. ... [Read Full Article (http://www.caithness-business.co.uk/article.php?id=2933)]

11-Apr-12, 23:16
It is commendable of the authorities to remind us that we should be mindful of the repeater signal which as locals we are aware of.

Those less than familiar have in my experience been missing that signal and proceeding on the green filter signal.

In my opinion there is a severe risk of an accident here because of the unfamiliarity and think it is abhorrent that the authorities have failed to remedy this dangerous situation for approaching three weeks.