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06-Apr-12, 12:41
Danger of an accident if repeater light is not observed

DUE to a previous incident at the above locus when the traffic light controlling traffic flowing, south and traffic turning right into Tesco, was damaged, it has come to the attention of police that drivers are failing to observe the red “repeater” light at the far side of this junction and travelling straight through.
There is a high probability of an accident occurring as a result of this.
Police wish to remind motorists that, although the filter lane to Castletown may be on green, the right-hand lane for traffic travelling south or turning right into Tesco may be on red. It is important to observe the junction carefully on approach, and look to the “repeater” traffic light located on the far side of the junction which will indicate whether the Southbound traffic is to stop or proceed.
For any queries or further information, please contact Thurso police station.