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05-Apr-12, 15:32
Carrying guns is dangerous and illegal say police

POLICE have issued a force-wide guns danger warning after an incident in Inverness.
A 15-year-old boy was reported to the authorities, yesterday, for allegedly causing the public fear and alarm by being in possession of a BB gun in a public place in Inverness.
Now Northern Constabulary has moved to caution the public that people who carry BB guns, air weapons or replicas in public that they are putting themselves as well as breaking the law.
Not only is it an offence to carry or brandish such weapons in public, but reports like this may result in the deployment of fully trained firearms officers to the scene.
There have been cases in other areas of the UK where even highly-trained ballistics experts have had to inspect a weapon to establish whether or not it is real.
Inspector Willie MacLennan from the Operational Support Unit, which oversees the Force's Firearms Unit, said: "Some of these weapons, particularly BB guns, look very real and a member of the public will quite rightly feel intimidated and alarmed if they see such weapons being carried in public places.
The inspector continued: "The message is clear. We need people, especially parents, to understand that carrying of these weapons in a public place could result in a Police firearms response and will most definitely lead to criminal charges being brought."
Inspector MacLennan added: "People who carry such items are not thinking about the possible consequences of possessing what to all intents and purposes something that looks like a real firearm."
Parents also have a duty to know where their child is, who they are with and what they are doing and the Police require their support in relation to this serious matter."