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13-Nov-06, 15:44
Canoe Cake

A quick and easy and tasty dessert

1 bought flan case
1 lemon
6fl oz double cream
1 tin condensed milk

mix the cream and the condensed milk the juice and zest of a lemon - mix them up in a bowl and pour it into the flan dish. Crumble the flake over the top and leave to set.

this cake gets its unusual name from my friend whos brother phoned his mum for hte recipe and then forgot to put the lemon juice in it. As a result it never set and flowed over his table. He took a photo to show his mum but when the film was developed the camera had superimposed a picture of his canoeing holiday the week before and he looked like he was canoeing down the table on a see of lemoney filling. Hence canoe cake for ever more