View Full Version : Can I Reheat Roast Pork

13-Nov-06, 14:42
Had roast pork for T last night and it was yummy but I want to make the remainder into a stir fry tonight. Can I reheat it or am I at risk of all sorts of bugs etc? :roll:

13-Nov-06, 15:02
I always do on the second night and never had any problems.

13-Nov-06, 15:09
Yeah me 2 quite often have leftovers and use for somethin else think as long as it is heated properly ur fine!

13-Nov-06, 15:09
You shouldn't get a problem as long as you chilled the meat as soon as possible after cooking and you make it piping hot before serving. Hope you enjoy it.:lol:

13-Nov-06, 19:34
Thank you for your replies. Had a lovely pork pepper and noodles chow mein with a tomato sauce and garlic bread it was absolutely gorgeous.:lol: