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01-Apr-12, 09:49
Anyone involved in the sale of drugs, sheriff warns, is likely to find themselves in custody

A DRUG dealer’s year-long operation ended with a six-month custodial sentence, at the weekend.
During the period, Martin Gunn kept a small clientele supplied with cannabis. They made regular purchases paying 140 per month, Wick Sheriff Court was told on Friday.
Gunn used the cash to feed the drug addiction he had started five years earlier. Sheriff Andrew Berry was told that the accused, of Ormlie Road, Thurso, wanted to kick the habit and intended to pursue a rehab programme while in prison.
The 21-year-old pleaded guilty to having been concerned in the supply of the Class B drug from his then home in Halkirk, between May 10, last year and May 2, the following year. He also admitted a number of previous convictions including two for drugs possession.
Senior fiscal depute, David Barclay made the point that the accused’s customers were not people whom Gunn had introduced to drugs...they were already users. Their supplies cost them a total of 1680.
Turning to the drugs possession offence, Mr Barclay said that police were called to a house to investigate a complaint of excessive noise. Officers suspected that Gunn was in possession of something, and a search revealed two bags of diazepam totalling 191 tablets. However, the accused claimed that the drugs had been planted on him before the police arrived.
Solicitor George Mathers commented that perhaps someone else should have been in the dock on that charge. He said that Gunn would prefer a sentence which allowed him to carry out unpaid community work but expected prison.
Mr Mathers continued: “He does need help and hopefully will get that there.” The solicitor stressed that his drug dealing had not given him a high lifestyle. The returns, and more, had been used to feed his own habit which he had used to control a hyperactive condition and he was in debt.
Mr Mathers added: “My client is not a stupid person and has an insight into his problems. He is a young man with promise, if he can rid himself of his addiction and get himself sorted out.”
Sentencing Gunn, Sheriff Berry told him: “You must understand that anyone involved in the sale of drugs is likely to find themselves in custody. Your behaviour was wholly inappropriate and the sale or use of drugs is something that society cannot tolerate.”
The six-month sentence relates to the supply charge. Sheriff Berry deferred sentence on the possession so that Gunn’s rehabilitation in custody can be monitored and the bench will receive a report on its progress in a month’s time. The sheriff indicated that if the progress over the prison term, was satisfactory, it would allow him to consider a sentencing option of community service with a curfew restriction.