View Full Version : Anyone lost a ferret?

30-Mar-12, 20:31
Ferret found, seems to be a working ferret. Friendly wee thing. If you, or anyone you know has lost a ferret, please get in touch.

pm, phone or text. 01847890780 / 07595252037

05-Apr-12, 23:55
What colour?

06-Apr-12, 09:36
i decided not to give out info about the wee thing because they are sought after for poaching and i don't want the wrong owner to claim him. if someone can provide the colour, sex, where abouts it was lost etc then the chances are that person is genuine

07-Apr-12, 18:45
Well done for looking after the wee mite and for being so sensible.

Did you find the owner?

07-Apr-12, 19:04
thanks. no one has claimed him so it's with someone i know who has ferrets already...it'l get the right care that way at least. I have no idea about them, never owned one but it's certainly a pretty animal

08-Apr-12, 15:14
A friend of mine lost a ferret, but its been over a year. Long shot, but its worth asking. It's a neutered male she lost.

09-Apr-12, 21:35
Sent you a PM Sarah