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30-Mar-12, 20:00
Accused to be arrested on alleged assault at Popeye's bar

A FRASERBURGH fisherman is to be arrested and brought north to Wick to answer a charge of assault at Popeye’s, the pub at the port of Scrabster.
It’s alleged that Shaun Brigham, 45, repeatedly punched and kicked Colin Creelman and stamped on his head, to his injury while subject to a bail order granted at Peterhead Sheriff Court in September, last year.
The assault is alleged to have taken place two months later, on November 11.
Brigham, of 53a Broad Street, Fraserburgh, has only appeared once, from custody, late last year when he pleaded not guilty. Since then, the case has been the subject of repeated continuations, at Wick Sheriff Court.
Bringing Sheriff Andrew Berry up to date with the latest developments, senior fiscal depute, David Barclay said that the accused’s legal representatives had withdrawn from the case. The firm indicated that their correspondence with Brigham had been returned.
Mr Barclay said that there had been a history of non-appearance at the court. The fiscal made the point that Brigham been “quick enough” to provide medical evidence, on an earlier occasion
which proved that “his ability to contact his legal agents had not been impeded.”
Mr Barclay added: “I think his GP suggested that there was perhaps a travel issue but certainly didn’t say anything about a contact issue. Obviously, he must have gone to his agents to hand in the paperwork from the doctor, in the normal course of events.”
He added: “The history of this case does not give much in the way of hope that his is likely to attend.”
Granting a warrant to apprehend, Sheriff Andrew Berry noted that the message from the GP bore the address of Brigham’s home in Fraserburgh.

Couple deny causing infant unnecessary suffering

A CAITHNESS couple are to stand trial, accused of exposing their 16-month baby to unnecessary suffering or are likely to have done so.
The charge alleges that on February 16, the infant was left in an upstairs room, smelling of vomit, left milk near the cot which was unfit to drink and had left the house in an unhygienic state of mess with rubbish bags piled up.
The two accused who pleaded not guilty by letter, cannot be named given the age of the child.
Their trial was fixed for June 19.