View Full Version : Police battle to arrest strong man

30-Mar-12, 16:50
Baton used after CS gas failed to quell accused

WICK Sheriff Court heard today about the early-morning battle police had to arrest John Smith after it became clear he wasn’t going to come quietly.
They could only get one handcuff on him, initially, and one officer ended up on the ground with him. The constable and three of his colleagues managed to get him to his feet again but the struggle continued. Three doses of CS gas were administered but had “little effect” and it was only after a baton was employed that Smith was brought under control.
Senior fiscal depute David Barclay said that it was clear that they were dealing with a particularly strong person. He added: “The police commented that they had never seen anyone resist in such a sustained or violent manner.”
The incident occurred in High Street, Wick, on November, 12 when police arrived on the scene after viewing CCTV footage. Smith, of Harland Road, Castletown, threw a bag of diazepam tablets at them and was promptly informed he was under arrested. The accused admitted threatening or abusive behaviour, resisting the police and being in possession of 90 diazepam tablets.
Smith (29) was ordered to carry out 225 hours of unpaid community work by Sheriff Andrew Berry who told him: “You came very close to going to prison for a substantial period.”
A co-accused Andrew Newlands (28) of North Murchison Street, Wick, admitted threatening or abusive behaviour and shouting and swearing at police officers. He was fined £200.

Two-times drinks driver escapes prison

A HALKIRK man who twice drove with excess alcohol within a week, has escaped jail
Allan Gunn of Sinclair Square, was ordered to carry out the maximum 300 hours unpaid community work and was banned from driving for four years. He admitted two counts of drinks driving.
Sheriff Berry said that he had given serious consideration to sending Gunn to prison and stressed that the community service was a direct alternative. The sheriff, who noted Gunn’s record for road traffic convictions, added that he had a duty to ensure that the public interest and its safety were protected.
Gunn (30) volunteered the fact he had been drinking when stopped by police on the Thurso-Glengolly road on February 12. Five days later he was stopped by police, in Smith Terrace, Thurso, and, when he got out of his car, he was unsteady on his feet and his speech was slurred.
Gunn will require to re-sit his driving test after his disqualification runs out.