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30-Mar-12, 12:39
I would like to point out that the local paper is wrong when it says Jocky Wilson's first appearance in the County was 1979, as he played several local players in the Thurso Town Hall in 1977(?) including Angus Ross, who challenged Jocky to a best of three, 1001, for 30 pounds, which was a lot of money....Jocky won, bye the way!

30-Mar-12, 13:32
Would you not be better reporting this to the paper rather than on here,

Mystical Potato Head
30-Mar-12, 19:47
I remember being at an Alan Evans exhibition at the Thurso Town Hall where he played a select team of the counties best and played Angus Ross best of 3 legs,1001 which Alan won 2-1 i think.
At the end of his exhibitions Evans used to award a certificate to the best player of the night and he awarded it to Angus Ross and i remember him saying on stage that Angus is a fantastic player who surely must play for Scotland which of course Angus went on to do.
Jocky Wilson did do an exhibition at the Thurso British Legion but i cant ever remember him doing one at the Town Hall.