View Full Version : Concern over mobile use at the wheel

29-Mar-12, 18:24
Phone chats on the move could mean the end of the line for drivers

DRIVERS across the Highlands and Islands are being warned to concentrate on driving and not to use handheld mobile phones or other communication devices behind the wheel.
The warning comes in the wake of concerns raised during Northern Constabulary's online engagement with young people on Facebook led by Chief Superintendent Innes.
The legislation was introduced nine years ago. Research shows that reaction times are significantly impaired if you are making calls and driving at the same time. Drivers using mobile phones are four times more likely to be involved in a road crash.
The actions of local drivers throughout the Highlands and Islands by using mobile phones when driving presents a danger to themselves and other road users.
In the eleven months to the end of February 2012, there have been 626 offences detected. Endorsable Fixed penalty tickets result in 3 penalty points and a 60 fine.
The message to drivers who continue to ignore the law is that Northern Constabulary will continue to proactively target offenders and they will be caught.
to 2500 if driving a PSV or LGV.