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28-Mar-12, 18:44
Sheriff takes offenders who “think the conditions are there to be flouted" task
A SHERIFF took a tough line with two persistent bail breachers, today, jailing them each for four months.
Darren Bruce, of Sweyn Road, Thurso, was detained for four months, at Wick Sheriff Court.
He was found in the company of his pregnant partner, contrary to a bail order imposed on March 20, when he denied a charge of assault. It banned him from approaching Lauren Calder or contacting her.
However, it was stated that police, investigating an assault on Bruce, in the Ormlie area of Thurso, on Monday, discovered the pair had been in each other’s company. They had met earlier at a house in the town’s Meiklejohn Court.
Solicitor Neil Wilson told the court that Ms Calder had followed Bruce when he left and went on: “What he should have done, was to run away but he didn’t do that.” Mr Wilson said that the matter would not have come to light had the accused not been assaulted and added: “He reported the matter to the police and was then discovered in Ms Calder’s company.”
It was stated that she wanted him back and added that events had overtaken an application due to be made to the court on Friday, to have the bail ban on them being together, lifted.
Sheriff Andrew Berry said that Bruce had breached bail and community service orders, previously and added: “You knew full well you were subject to a straight direction of a bail order in circumstances where there is a general view that such orders are there to be flouted which is a complete misapprehension.”
In the second case, a trial ended with Wick woman Irene MacPhee being jailed for four months for breaching her bail condition.
MacPhee (52) appeared from custody and denied failing to adhere to a curfew confining her to her home in Kinnaird Street, Wick, between the hours of 7pm and 7am, daily. Police witnesses told how they found the accused drinking with friends at a house in Nicolson Street, Wick, at 9.40pm on February 20.
She claimed that the police had arrived earlier between 5.15pm and 5.20pm. and alleged they had a grudge against her and were lying.
Sheriff Berry rejected the allegations and found MacPhee guilty. Her sentence was ordered to be backdated to February 21 when she was arrested.

Jail for man given every chance

Campbell Freeman broke a window – and a bail order – at the rear of Wick town hall...and then walked round the corner to give himself up at the sheriff clerk’s office.
The police were called and he was arrested. Freeman (47) of Macarthur Street, Wick, appeared from custody and admitted the offence, on Monday, while subject to a bail order. His confession wasn’t the only evidence as the drunken vandalism had been caught on a CCTV camera.
Mr Wilson described it as “a blip” in the accused’s effort to behave and made the point that when he was working and busy, he stayed sober and out of trouble.
Sheriff Berry said that the court had tried every way to help Freeman overcome his difficulties and on many occasions in the past had committed offences while subject to community pay back orders, adding that the only appropriate sentence for the latest offence, was a custodial one.
Freeman was jailed for six months.

Driver not drunk-in-charge

THE case against a Halkirk man collapsed after the court heard his evidence.
David Blackwood, of Crescent Street, was said to have had a breath-alcohol count of 66 microgrammes – the limit is 35mgs.
He was stopped by police outside a house in Palace Court, Thurso on December 23, and given a breath test which proved positive. Blackwood (42) denied being in charge of the car while over the limit.
Police witnesses said that the car’s engine was “reasonably cold” and that the accused had taken the keys out of his jean’s pocket when asked to get out of the car.
Blackwood (42) told the court that he had had to intention of driving home after a night out in Thurso during which he consumed some drink. He had hoped to stay overnight at a house in Palace Court but was told by the occupant he wasn’t welcome there.
When officers arrived on the scene he was on his mobile phone, trying to arrange a lift home.
After hearing Blackwood’s evidence, senior fiscal depute, David Barclay announced he was no longer seeking a conviction and the accused was formally found not guilty of the offence.