View Full Version : Rape claim was a lie court told

27-Mar-12, 12:55
Woman triggers costly police investigation then confessed to the police - sheriff hears

POLICE launched an investigation after a woman cried rape!
Standard procedures in such cases swung into action. The extensive measures involved door-to door enquiries, DNA samples and the examination of CCTV footage.
However, it was a complete waste of time and resources, Wick Sheriff Court was told today because the rape never took place.
The woman, who triggered the extensive, costly, probe, Jane Steven (41) made the whole story up. She was going through a difficult patch and fabricated the crime as an attention-seeker.
Steven admitted making the false claim and causing officers to devote time and services unnecessarily.
The first offender returned from a night out on July 21, last year, and encountered her son at the door of their home in Lindsay Drive, Wick. She told him she had been raped and he “quite properly” informed the police. They took a statement from Steven who said the incident had involved more than one person.
Senior fiscal depute, David Barclay, said that this set in motion a chain of events and “a significant amount of time and resources" were devoted to the investigation which involved Steven undergoing a medical examination by a doctor in a police victim suite and was referred to a counsellor. An extensive number of door-to door inquiries were carried out and mobile phone traffic was assessed. However, Mr Barclay told Sheriff Andrew Berry, that in the course of inquiries, it was noted that there were a number of inconsistencies in the various pieces of evidence put together, which was not unusual in case involving such traumatic experiences.
Mr Barclay continued: “The police sought to have these clarified but the accused, to some extent beat them to the punch. On November 2 she attended voluntary at the police station and confirmed that the details she had given to officers, earlier, were in fact, false. She indicated she was going through a period she described as ‘mental turmoil’ and had made the rape allegation to her son in order to get family support . The accused then found herself in a difficult position after her son contacted the police and describes herself as feeling “trapped in a corner” when police followed up the report.”
Mr Barclay added that the cost of the fruitless police investigation ran into a five –figure sum. He added: “It is fortunate that further resources were not devoted, after the accused made her confession.”
Solicitor Sylvia MacLennan reserved her mitigation, pending reports but confirmed that Steven had been experiencing issues affecting her domestic circumstances and there were also medical issues which would be relevant to her state of mind and the sentence imposed. A mandate from her GP would be submitted to the court.
Sheriff Berry will hear details and see a social inquiry report when Steven returns to court on April 24.