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27-Mar-12, 09:16
Can anyone tell me where was Trotters Caledonian Inn in Thurso c.1860

Thank you

27-Mar-12, 10:21
According to Groat 21st June 1850, Caledonian Hotel(now Caledonian Place) new owner Ninian Trotter. Google map search shows Caledonian Place to be between Durness Street + Bank Place. Hope this may help.

27-Mar-12, 11:06
www.ambaile.org.uk (http://www.ambaile.org.uk) Trinkie (and Hamnat) I presume you have found this link before; a valuable source of local knowledge; newspapers etc.

There is a wee bit of information on the Caledonian Hotel there, i.e. the Caledonian Hotel used to be McKays Hotel but the name was changed by Mr. Irvine who bought the place in 1843 then sold it to Ninian Trotter in 1850 as per "hamnat's" post.

27-Mar-12, 11:38
Many thanks for that - interesting link.


27-Mar-12, 12:11
I have three or four photographs of the Hotel. Between 1821 and 1822, St. Peters Lodge held their meetings in a room at the hotel before moving. At this time, Mrs Stewart owned the hotel, and it was the principal hotel in Thurso, before the Royal Hotel was built. Other owners for the Hotel were:Ninan Trotter around the 1850s/60sMr Bruce 1880s.

Around 1873, it was closed and underwent a number of repairs and was classed as the “second best house of its kind in Thurso, situated at the west end of Swanson Street.” The property belonged to William Hamilton, Hill of Forss.

Later, when it was no longer used as a hotel but for housing, George Duncan a veteran of the Crimean War resided in it. He died in the building in 1922 and I have a photograph of his funeral procession going through Traill Street, turning on to Sir George Street. In 1937 the Town Clerk who was Archibald MacGregor had brought up at a Thurso Town Council meeting that there had been plans to demolish the hotel and build a housing scheme on the site.

The following year plans were submitted showing two 4-room and two 5-room houses for the Caledonian Hotel site. This later changed in 1938 when it was decided that there would be four houses at the Caledonian Buildings along with three in Durness Street.Around November 1938 the hotel was partially demolished. Ten masons, six labourers and two lorry drivers were employed. I have some more information on the building but that’s what I came up with just now.

27-Mar-12, 12:23
Thanks Thirsaloon - any chance that you could please post photos of the hotel?


27-Mar-12, 14:35
Well done Thirsaloon; and yes, it would be good to see photos of the hotel.

27-Mar-12, 17:11
Many thanks Thursaloon, you've given a lot of good info there !


28-Mar-12, 10:25
great information any chance of posting me the photos thanks

25-Apr-12, 14:51
Thanks Thirsaloon - any chance that you could please post photos of the hotel?