View Full Version : shop closing... huge sale!

23-Mar-12, 17:17
Sadly, we are closing the shop!
as above its not due to slow traffic, but because we are moving away.
I just wanted to thank everyone who has been so supportive of the shop the past year.
it was very well received and had a good amount of traffic thru the doors!
i plan on closing the doors mid-may or when i run out of stock.. which ever comes first!
so ladies come and grab a bargain!
everything has been reduced and is now on sale!


23-Mar-12, 20:13
What is the name of the shop?

23-Mar-12, 20:21

Its in Wick....
Easy to find as its on the corner between semi chem and the craft shop BBS.

24-Mar-12, 02:20
So sad you are closing Brandy. We will only have Tesco and mackays now and the bigger ladies will have nothing