View Full Version : snow geese

11-Nov-06, 17:44
Just curious, are migrating geese still in Caithness or have they gone south by now.
The geese near San Francisco are a bit later than usual, but making their usual mess of golf courses and school fields. Honkers!

11-Nov-06, 17:56
Not nearly as many as a couple of weeks back. I saw 138 Greylags today, but nothing near the thousands that were about a couple of weeks back.

11-Nov-06, 19:25
Graylags Quite a few hundreds outside Thurso on the A9 just past the cemetary with a half doz Whooper Swans feeding.
Wednesday i think that was.

11-Nov-06, 21:06
Wow, thousands...that musta been a real sight.

29-Nov-06, 01:15
Now if we could incorporate the birds from here, there and elsewhere we would have a real treat!
By the way HT do they really honk like a car or is the more subtle tones of the greylags,pinkfooted, red breasted etc that we get here?

29-Nov-06, 18:45
Ohhh nothing subtle about the sound these geese make. Not quite a car honk....higher pitched, but LOUD and raspy. Still, the nickname is Honkers.
And they are the crankiest birds ever, they will chase golfers right off the course.
Many border collies here are trained to chase geese, so they don't get too comfy. In the past years, a few colonies have overwintered, instead of flying on to Mexico, so the collies encourage them to fly on.