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21-Mar-12, 01:53
Have been to the 2 jewellers shops in thurso and wick, but hardly any choice and the rings are all too small. Can anyone recommend somewhere for me to get a decent engaegement ring, thankyou.

27-Mar-12, 20:21
Have a look in the Seaview, John O'Groats and also their two shops down at the harbour. They have a good selection of Sheila Fleet rings and some maybe suitable.

01-Apr-12, 16:21
My trio of rings came from Argos, almost 13 years ago and are still shining like new despite being worn every day and referred to by many as "cheap tat". They will source the correct size of ring for you if the one you like isn`t in stock. There are also one or two interesting engagement rings on specialist websites if you are looking for something a bit different.

Happy hunting.

10-Apr-12, 10:23
Have had a look at Aurora in Thurso. Also Sheila Fleet in Orkney will make one for you. She has outlets in We Frame It in Thurso and I think John O´Groats.

30-Sep-12, 14:15
A bit lATE for a reply, but got a lovely engagement ring in samuels, Inverness, and very happy