View Full Version : Morobe by Eric A Oxley

11-Nov-06, 08:54
I can only think of Mr Oxley as a cheekie chappie. but I love how he has put this down on paper in the midst of such agony around him.

The sandflies they attack you
And the mossies they ack-ack you
And sing a little ditty in your ear
They chuckle with elation
And attack you in formation
Till you curse and swear and wipe away your tear.

With the comin' of the mornin'
Just another day is dawnin'
The same routine is on again once more
The 'dengues' buss around you
And scream 'Ha Ha we've found you'
They dive bomb you from twenty five feet or more

Then you think of dough you've wasted
And beer that you have tasted
With steak and eggs and schooners by the score
When you think of fun you're missin'
Or some sheila you'd be kissin'
Boy, you wish they'd up and end this bloody war .