View Full Version : Next Quiz Sunday 12th Nov at 8.30pm

caithness import
10-Nov-06, 17:58
The next quiz will be held on Sunday 12th Nov at 8.30pm in the Flashchat Lounge.

The questions are ready and i'm practicing 'you are the weakest link' 'do you want to phone a friend' 'whats the scores on the doors' 'come on dowwwwwwwwn'. oops getting carried away.

See you then.

11-Nov-06, 00:02
Pencil sharpened, I plan to be there. It's been a while.....oh boy!

caithness import
12-Nov-06, 21:20
This weeks quiz will start in 10 minutes.:)

caithness import
12-Nov-06, 23:55
This weeks results were:

1st Place - ACameron
2nd Place - Sassylass
3rd Joint Place - Sugarlips\Foxy

Thanks to all for playing:) , espcially when there was a powercut half way through and it was like a game of the hokey cokey with everyone going in and out and shaking it all about.

look forward to next week.

12-Nov-06, 23:57
So wish i could have stayed for the quiz, 9 times, our power went out, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

13-Nov-06, 00:18
Thanks for a fun quiz caithnessimport! It's a miracle I placed second, sheer luck, espcially since I had to leave before it was finished.

Well done Mr Angypoo! Get your encyclopedia out and burn the midnight oil, and don't forget to lock your desk so no one can peek at the questions.

13-Nov-06, 01:11
Well done the fastest Googler in the North
And well done Quizzy

13-Nov-06, 01:54
Nothing will keep me away from my computer next Sunday afternoon. AC if you do golf questions please keep them simple. And don't forget that we all now know the year in which the Thurso Golf Club was organized.