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16-Mar-12, 22:59
Does anyone know if a indoor free-view aerial works good enough in the Thurso area?
had plans to put free-view in bedrooms bought mast head amp for out door aerial but have been let down by person fitting it, or is there anyone who will fit amp to aerial and run wiring to bedrooms?
many thanks in advance

17-Mar-12, 13:05
Moonboots here on the org will give you good advice and won`t charge megabucks for any work he does.

We have an aerial in the loft for freeview and it works just fine. Think the area of town makes a difference though, so best ask the local expert.

17-Mar-12, 13:23
I had an ariel fitted in myn Loft way back in 1991. When Digital came around I was told, by a salesman in Colin Chessor's, that the ariel I had would be no good as it would not be able to receive a Digital Signal. I was quoted that a new ariel could be anything from 150 to 300 depending on the work required.

Since I had SKY and was getting a New HD Box Fitted I said I would not bother as I could not afford it.

I had my new HD TV Delivered and then came my new SKY HD Box. The SKY man fitted it in and advised me that the new TV had freeview and did I want to connect it to the Ariel that I had in the Loft. I told him that I had neen advised that it was an old ariel and would not work. At this he laughed and just went ahead and connected it up. Two minutes lates it was all working great and the picture that I thought was from the SKY Box was in fact Freeview..

It seems that my ariel, although old, works perfectly and I get a great pictuer and sound. I still have SKY and mainly watch it but Freeview comes in very handy, specially when I want to record two progs and watch another.

I completely agree with poppett, ask Moonboots to help, as I have had him do some work for me and he is Excellent and his prices are very good. His Advice is also excellent and will NOT try to sell you something you do not need.