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14-Mar-12, 15:10
"Truly appalling behaviour" may warrant custodial sentences warns Wick sheriff

A SHERIFF has called for background reports on three accused in a case involving assault, vandalism and racial abuse he described as “truly appalling”.
Sheriff Andrew Berry told one of the trio, Garry Cowie (19) of Weybank, Murkle, that he could well face a prison term.
And, the consequences for one of the co-accused, 20-year-old Aidan Yeomans, of Rose Street, Thurso, could also be “serious”.
The pair appeared with a third accused Eilidh Macintosh (17) of Bayview Terrace, Thurso. She admitted behaving in a threatening or abusive manner. Yeomans pleaded guilty to assaulting police constable Paul Kerr.
Cowie admitted charges of assaulting PC Susan Gunn and threatening her; and behaving in a racially aggravated manner to PC Paul Kerr and smashing three windows. The offences occurred in the early hours of March 11, in Pennyland Drive, Mill Cottages, Mowat Court and Millbank Road, all Thurso.
Sheriff Berry observed that both Cowie and Yeomans had previous records and said he had considered remanding the former in custody pending backgrounds reports but instead imposed a 7pm-7am curfew.
The three friends were granted bail but warned not to speak or contact each other pending their return to court on April 11, when senior fiscal depute, David Barclay will outline the incidents.

Accused alleged to have tried to chase horses onto road

A LYTH man is accused of trying to herd a group of horses onto a main road and assaulting their owner.
Sutherland Bremner Smith pleaded not guilty when he appeared from custody, and will stand trial on May 10.
The charges alleged, firstly, that on March 13, he culpably and recklessly chased a group of horses and attempted to steer them onto the main road, to their potential danger and passing motorists.
Smith (64) of Aelart, Howe, Lyth, also faces an allegation of assaulting the owner of the horses, Natalie Oag, of Howe Cottages, Lyth, by repeatedly striking her on the head and body, causing her to fall to the ground, picking her up and throwing her into a ditch to her injury.