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13-Mar-12, 14:39
The Caithness Rabbit Fanciers' Association are having a fun online virtual pet show to find the cutest pictures of your rabbit, guinea pig or rodent, please post your pics on our wall at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Caithness-Rabbit-Fanciers-Association/161722173879828
and we will choose the winner by the most likes on a post. The winner will receive a rosette which can either be picked up in person at our real show in Lybster bowling hall on April 14th or posted.
Please post pictures of animals you own or have owned, not just cute pics found on the internet :)

13-Mar-12, 16:48
Kids are so excited about the Rabbit show this year after getting their Rosette's in September. My eldest is uploading pics as I type.

14-Mar-12, 09:01
We have been amazed by the success of this idea and the new visitors to our page. We have now opened the virtual pet show to all animals, and as well as a rosette, the pet with the most likes will become our logo for the month on Facebook.

15-Mar-12, 21:00
Just had another look and there are some gorgeous pics on the page.

25-Mar-12, 01:28
Feel free to visit and vote for your favourite pictures, they are all gorgeous.