View Full Version : Jail for man who assaulted policeman

12-Mar-12, 15:10
Behaviour towards public servants who put themselves at risk won't be tolerated-sheriff

A MAN with a record, who assaulted a police officer, was jailed today by a sheriff who warned that such conduct towards people in public service won’t be tolerated.
The accused, John Glover (42) who reoffended three weeks after escaping a custodial sentence on an unrelated case, last month, was given an eight months jail term by Sheriff Andrew Berry.
Glover, of Bleachfield House, Thurso, previously admitted the assault and threatening or abusive behaviour, on March 3.
The court was told that the police were called to Marr Terrace, Thurso, on March 3, following a tip-off about an incident. They encountered Glover, under the influence of drink, shouting and swearing and waving his arms around.
He ignored warnings and was arrested. The accused continued to behave in an aggressive fashion while being escorted to a police vehicle and kicked a policeman on his knee while uttering a threat to another officer saying he knew where he lived and would “do him in”.
Solicitor Neil Wilson said that Glover had been assaulted earlier, by someone who had stabbed him and he was “angry and confused” at being arrested. Glover’s behaviour was inexcusable but perhaps understandable.
The solicitor stressed that there had never been any question of the accused carrying out his threat to police.
Glover’s previous appearance in court followed two unrelated assaults on people in Thurso for which he was ordered to carry out 230 hours unpaid community service.
Sentencing the accused, Sheriff Berry observed that he had failed to comply with the order and had previous convictions for doing so, as well as assault.
The sheriff said that the accused's current conduct was “totally inexcuseable” and added “Such abuse will not be tolerated by you or anyone else, toward people in public service who put themselves at risk to help others.”
Glover will resume his community service, on his release.

Fears for life of airbourne driver after crash

THERE were fears that a dangerous driver who overtook vehicles blind and ended up becoming airbourne, would not survive the accident.
Jack Bamber (22) had multiple injuries and was regarded as “a potential fatality” on his admission to hospital.
Bamber, of 1 Soircha Cottages, Gillock, admitted a charge of dangerous driving. He was disqualified, pending background reports.
The accident happened on the A9 near Mybster, on June 21, last year. Senior fiscal depute, David Barclay, said that it was clear that Bamber did not have a clear view of the road ahead when he began his overtaking manoeuvre, in a line of traffic.
Mr Barclay said: “The driver of the oncoming vehicle slammed on his brakes in an attempt to pull into his nearside. The accused struck the vehicle he was attempting to overtake and the combined impact of the three vehicles had the effect of Bamber leaving the road and literally becoming airbourne and going over a drystone dyke before landing in a field.”
Bamber’s car was extensively damaged and was crumpled at the front. He was seriously injured and his injuries were considered to be life-threatening.
Picking up on that point, solicitor George Mathers said that Bamber had been critically injured to the extent that he was being treated, initially, as “a potential fatality” in hospital.
Mr Mathers added: “I can’t give you any further details but he was in a very bad condition and it was five to six hours later, before his condition stabilised.
Turning to the accident itself, the solicitor said Bamber had cut in, in front of the vehicle he had overtaken and struck an oncoming lorry which pushed him across the road into the path of the oncoming vehicle. Mr Mathers added that the fact that Bamber’s record included road traffic offences, made it “particularly serious”.
Sheriff Berry who called for reports noted that there were two previous convictions for careless driving.
Bamber will return to court to receive his sentence, on April 12.

End of the line for fisherman and “free beer” haul.

Fishermen Stewart Dixon (30) thought it was his “lucky day” when he chanced to find two crates of beer in the undergrowth, on July 11.
But he didn’t get far with them for in a matter of minutes police waiting to catch the person who had removed crates from a local hotel swooped.
Dixon, of Golf View Place, Lybster, was arrested and today admitted a charge of reset. It was stressed that the accused was not responsible for removing the beer from the Portland Arms Hotel.
The 30-year-old was fined 300.