View Full Version : Is your financial year nearly upon you?

12-Mar-12, 12:10
Accountants like you to help them if you can by setting up and maintaining your books and accounting records in an organised manner and especially at the year end when they are really busy they like to have easy records to see.
If you havenít the time and usually just pass all your receipts over to your Accountant, then maybe this service is for you.
I can take all your accounts, receipts etc. and any other details and look over them for you, I can even input them into my System if you require this service and check all is ok to hand over to your accountant.

If you are interested please call Liz on 01955 661328 oremail Liz@dktraining.com (Liz@dktraining.com) for furtherinformation.

This service could just be what you need and even get you prepared for the New Year ahead.

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