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03-Jan-05, 16:13
planning do to a charity concert before the end of january...possibly the weekend of the 14th/15th!!! any bands interestin email : rehabreject@hotmail.com (gig hasnt been formaly confirmed but looking for a wide range of bands )

03-Jan-05, 18:31
or just reply to here! Ma bad! :confused

03-Jan-05, 23:24
Revolution, who played at the Hogmanay Street Party in Wick, would be keen to play if date is suitable for all. Contact Bernie Jones on 01955 605830 (after 6pm) or 07990500678 when details are available please.

04-Jan-05, 23:39
What kind of music do u do?? Wat peice band are you?? what venues have u played ECT: :confused

05-Jan-05, 12:57
where abouts would this gig be held at like?

05-Jan-05, 13:12
We are trying for skins at the moment... but other wise... I would try for the Viewfirth of Redwood.....( but take into consideration that this gig is inly is the biginning precsess of be organized! )

07-Jan-05, 09:07
Revolution, 5piece band with female vocals, anything from franz ferdinand to Dolly Parton!!! Only really getting going, so limited repertoire at present. Played Wick market Square during gala week ( then change of band personnel so didn't do much for a while). Have played the Yard and, as I said in previous post, Wick hogmanay street party.

07-Jan-05, 11:22
our band mgt be able to play but it all depends on if our drummer is up from uni :(

we hav only played one gig in the form we are in now at a birthday party, but myself, our bassist and drummer were in the band Wasted Ticket and have played many birthdays, battle of the bands , market square, Carters, biker rallys etc

07-Jan-05, 15:46
Hey dude, what the name of your band ECT: Email me your number and i will try and keep in contact..... rehabreject@hotmail.com

11-Jan-05, 21:05
Estrella are up for doing this charity gig. Whats the venue , date, time and equipment required. we are a classic rock band playing songs from acdc, aerosmith, guns n roses, bon jovi and original songs etc.

12-Jan-05, 14:33
Plastic Food will be happy to play. 4 Piece, mostly doing original music, played at the E Rock show at the viewfirth in Oct.


17-Jan-05, 00:27
Well, I'm not a band I'm afraid but if you are looking for a DJ at all, I'm the resident at Liquid in Thurso and I would love to help out in anyway I can. :)

17-Jan-05, 00:31
sounds like a good idea , im interested in doing a set with my band it would be a great debut for us as ive played solo for such a long time in and around the pub scene , Stevie Taylor

17-Jan-05, 19:13
yeah its a good idea for a good cause!just out of interest - will there be a sound sytem there,like similar to E rock concert back in Oct or something else??

The Pepsi Challenge
20-Jan-05, 13:20
Well? How did it go? Anyone?

26-Jan-05, 20:01
Bands playing: Fear Of Faith, Crimson-Tide, Estrella and Duress
Times: 8:00pm til midnight

26-Jan-05, 20:39
Where? When? etc..

26-Jan-05, 22:25

26-Jan-05, 23:23

27-Jan-05, 11:28
What happened between 7.01 and 9.25?