View Full Version : All Round Earphones

07-Mar-12, 11:41
Hi, ive looked everywhere i can think of but i cant seem to find the type of head phones that are virtual surround that works on both xbox, PC and TV.

Reason being is when im on my console and on call of duty and what-not i want to hear where the enemys are, but when im on the pc i want to stream movies onto my tv and watch them on that or even just watch tv in virtual surround. anyone know of such amazing things. are they even invented?:confused

cheers guys.

07-Mar-12, 11:50
I just got mine from Tesco, I plug it into my PC and also into my Tv to keep the noise down for my upstairs neighbour. The are in the PC/Laptop section at the end about eye level they have the pink and green plug

09-Mar-12, 12:50
i have one of those for my pc n tv but i want one that is compatable with the xbox too. and prefereably wireless and Virtual surround sound.