View Full Version : old age or ill?

05-Mar-12, 23:30
i am currently in two minds about my daft billy boy:confused
he is getting on in years now but this last couple of days has been very lethargic. he is eating fine, he is sort of drinking fine .......... by which i mean he is lapping then walking round in a circle and going back for a bit more, he was always a 'gobbler' until now and the drools to match! (he's a rottie ). and what goes in is coming out fine too. no loss of appetite. he seems like he can't even be bothered to go out when asked, it's even got to the stage of having to literally drag him off the sofa by the collar and then he will toddle of out. the thing that is making me umm and arr is that when someone else comes up, he's up and tail going and you wouldn't think that he was an oap!
am i just seeing things that are old age?

05-Mar-12, 23:57
Well with the drop in temperature and if you were a senior citizen would you be rushing out the door when there's a comfy sofa to sprawl on!
Bet if I come up and rattle a box o' gravy bones he will be right chipper.

06-Mar-12, 10:11
Sounds like old age, he is still greeting people so sounds happy enough, likely just wanting to take life a bit slower than you are used to.

07-Mar-12, 00:38
It may just be old age but I think it would be best to get him checked by a vet as this could indicate heart trouble.

My cat Charly stopped going out and used to sleep more which I put down to old age until he had a nasty 'turn' one day which turned out to be fluid building up in his lungs due to a heart murmur.
Thankfully with medication and complementary therapies he made a good recovery,started going out again and went on to live to the ripe old age of 19!

Better safe than sorry!

07-Mar-12, 10:48
Sort of same symptoms, my dog has developed weak back legs, I read on here months ago about some treatments but cannot find the thread, he's a small rottie X terrier used to have very powerful back legs but slowly over the years he's got weaker, now he almost totters on them, he is 10years last September. I would be grateful if any one can bring to mind the treatments... Thanks in advance JL

07-Mar-12, 14:06
Sorry your wee dog has problem with his back legs.

Could he have arthritis at the tail end of his spine? It's difficult to suggest things without knowing what the problem is but my dog, Benjy, developed arthritis following a bad fall where he fractured his leg and needed a pin fitted.
He is doing so well on a herbal supplement called 'Get Over It' and a supplement called Mobilise.

There are many natural remedies which are very effective. :)

If you are interested I know a really good homeopath who could give you advice. If you'd like his details please pm me.