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05-Mar-12, 18:34
Police launch new video on bicycle security

Northern Constabulary today released a new video on its social networking sites which aims to provide the public with useful and practical tips about bicycle security.
The new video, which is called Lock It Or Lose It, features Inverness based Crime Prevention Officer Ewan McGibbon.
The video gives practical advice on good and bad locking techniques and is aimed at trying to reduce the number of stolen cycles across the Highlands and Islands.
Bike thefts are reported to Police on a regular basis and abandoned cycles are being reported on a daily basis.
With almost 10,000 people following the Force's updates on Facebook and over 4,000 on Twitter it is hoped the video will be shared by as many people as possible in an attempt to raise awareness about cycle security.
PC Ewan McGibbon said: "Bike theft is an issue across Scotland and is something we are not immune to in the Highlands and Islands.
"However, there are things you can do to reduce the chance of it happening to you. We hope that by making this short video we can highlight the issue to as many people as possible."
He added: "The first, and most important, thing to do is buy a lock and use it. Any lock is better than no lock at all.
"Always attach your bike to a solid, immovable object, ideally a bicycle rack. Never secure your bike by the frame only, as it would take someone only two minutes to strip everything from your bike. Accessories such as mileometer, lights, bike bag, pump and water bottles are vulnerable."
You can view the video on the Force's Facebook or YouTube channels by visiting the following links - www.facebook.com/Northern.Constabulary or www.youtube.com/user/northernpolicemedia