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05-Mar-12, 18:17
Man who slashed sofas gets nine months

A WICK man who ran amok at a local home furnishers’ store was given a nine months custodial sentence today by a sheriff who described his behaviour as “disgraceful”.
The damage caused by Johnny Gardner (20) to sofas alone, cost was 9000, Wick Sheriff Court was told. Gardner (20) of Owen Place, Wick, previously admitted breaking into A. & D. Furnishings on the airport industrial estate and stealing a La-Z Boy recliner, rocking chair, carpet mats, ornaments, a drill and foreign currency.
He also pleaded guilty to slashing several sofas, smashing large windows and plate safety glass and destroying a section of plaster board wall and a furniture cabinet.
Gardner had originally been charged with a co-accused who had his not guilty plea accepted by senior fiscal depute, David Barclay.
The incidents occurred between April 9 and 10 last year when the home furnishers was closed. Gardner left an obvious clue to his identity behind...a receipt for the neighbouring Tesco store. Police checked CCTV there and were able to connect the accused to the crime.
Gardner missed a February 17, court appointment for sentence, which cost him a month discount on his sentence for an early plea, today.
Solicitor Neil Wilson said that Gardner couldn’t remember anything about the incident and said that he wasn’t going to waste the court’s time pleading for a sentence alternative to custody.
Mr Wilson added: “He apologises unreservedly and throws himself on the mercy of the court.”
Sheriff Andrew Berry described Gardner’s conduct and record as “truly disgraceful” and said the accused had caused the owners of the furnishing store huge cost and inconvenience.

Back in court after kicking policeman

A MAN who re-offended three weeks after escaping a jail sentence, was given another chance by the sheriff.
On this occasion, John Glover (42) faced a further charge of assault, and additional counts of threatening and abusive behaviour.
Fiscal’s assistant, Fiona Banks, said that the police were called to Marr Terrace, Thurso, on Saturday, after receiving a tip-off of about an incident.
They encountered Glover, under the influence of drink, shouting and swearing and waving his arms around.
He ignored warnings and was arrested. As he was being escorted to the police vehicle, Glover continued to behave in an aggressive fashion, kicked a policeman on his knee and threatened another officer, saying he knew where he lived and would “do him in”.
Solicitor Mr Wilson said his client had been trying to address his drink problem and had been dry for a spell. However, he started drinking with friends and “foolishly thought he could handle it”.
Later the same night, Glover had been assaulted by someone who stabbed him in the arm and became “angry and confused” at being arrested.
Mr Wilson stressed there was no question of the accused carrying out the threats he had made to the police.
Glover’s previous appearance followed two assaults on people in Thurso, when he was ordered to carry out 230 hours unpaid community work.
Today, Sheriff Berry said he would continue the latest case until March 12 for a progress report on the accused’s unpaid work.
He warned: “I will take that into consideration but I might deal with this matter by revoking the community service order and imposing a custodial sentence on both matters. I will reflect on that, when I receive the social worker’s report.”
Glover, of Bleachfield House, Thurso, was remanded in custody meantime.

Threatening behaviour

A psychiatric report was called for on Lee Brogan after he admitted behaving in a threatening or abusive manner in Green Road, Wick, a neighbouring play park and at Caithness General Hospital, on Sunday.
Brogan, (33) of Kennedy Terrace, Wick, who has a number of previous convictions, was remanded in custody pending a further appearance on March 26.