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03-Mar-12, 10:48
Following the sad loss of Baz the Beardie we have got a new puppy! So here he is, the redoubtable Fenn. He is a four months old Springer/cocker/collie cross from the SSPCA and, as you may notice, is not the blue merle or red dog I keep trying to get.
Kayli (our other dog) and the cats are not too sure at the moment as he keeps bouncing up to them, but there have been no great dramas.

BTW As he is black his name is a shortening/corruption of the Gaelic word Feannag, which means crow.
Also BTW he does have a long and destructive tail, but it is constantly wagging so keeps blurring on the photos. On that subject I apologise for the poor quality of the pictures, but he is never still for long enough to take a good one :lol:. I need some photography lessons from TAFKAL;)

03-Mar-12, 11:32
awww tooochi... does he have a tail? xx

03-Mar-12, 13:35
He's lovely, and a lucky little man to get a home with you all.

03-Mar-12, 14:01
awww tooochi... does he have a tail? xx

I refer the honourable lady to my post of a moment ago!

03-Mar-12, 15:52
He looks like he is smiling in the second photo - beautiful puppy.

03-Mar-12, 20:07
Awww he's lovely! Such a cutie! Thanks for the compliments on my pictures - i just point and shoot in sports mode - nothing special lol

03-Mar-12, 20:09
Aw he is absolutely gorgeous and is a very lucky wee puppy to have such a wonderful forever home.

I'm sure the cats will put him in his place and Kayli will come round! :D

03-Mar-12, 21:38
What a beautiful little dog! May you all be happy together! :lol:

04-Mar-12, 00:34
He is gorgeous! I'm glad you gave him a home :)

04-Mar-12, 16:52
Awww he's lovely! Such a cutie! Thanks for the compliments on my pictures - i just point and shoot in sports mode - nothing special lol

Sports mode! why didn't I think of that?

mop top
04-Mar-12, 21:26
Ah lovely pup sure Baz would have approved, wishing you all many happy years together x

05-Mar-12, 01:43
He looks so like my bobby who died at Christmas. If he has the same temprament he will be a wonderful dog. He looks so lovely.

06-Mar-12, 10:22
What a really bonny wee dog, therealducati !

We too are collecting 2 young cats from SSPCA at Balmore after we lost our Darling cat of 18 years short ago.

I'm sure you feel the same about Baz as we do about C-For, in the fact that they will never be replaced, but if you have love to give an unfortunate rescue animal, then they will help to ease the pain of loss and give you back the love that they so richly deserve.

Wishing you many, many happy years with Fenn......a very lucky and blessed wee boy !. X

16-Mar-12, 11:26
Awww! He is adorable! That tail definitely looks long and destructive, hope you haven't got a coffee table! :D I can see that tail sweeping off mugs when he's all grown up! Love his name too :)