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essex boy
29-Feb-12, 12:37
Has anyone seen or found an old lurcher around Lyth. Last seen about 7pm yesterday (28 feb). He has a bit of a history for going walk about and has been picked up before but he has not done this for a long while. If anyone can help or has him please let me know 07742 102164 many thanks

29-Feb-12, 13:56
will keep a eye out for him

Tilly Teckel
29-Feb-12, 22:57
Any sign of him yet? At least the weather's been quite mild the last couple of days. Fingers crossed for you x

essex boy
01-Mar-12, 18:11
no sign of him yet :(

01-Mar-12, 20:29
Would it be worth calling at a few houses just in case someone has taken him in and is feeding him. Hope he returns soon....

Tilly Teckel
01-Mar-12, 20:53
I guess you'll have done all the usual - dog warden, police, vets, posters up etc.? There's a good website too, http://www.doglost.co.uk/index.php . Caithness FM broadcast info about mine when he went missing too - may be worth ringing them? Could you post a pic on here too in case anyone recognises him? Best of luck x

essex boy
02-Mar-12, 18:39
He is back! Turned up this morning but very confused and sorry for himself, he has been sick a couple of times and is still very unhappy. If not better tomorrow I'll get him to the vet. I'm sure that someone took him for hunting or to breed with, I had a few people wanting to buy him in his younger days, they probably did'nt realise how old he was and that he had been snipped! But luckily they must of had a touch of conscious and put him back where they got him. Thanks to everyone who kept an eye out for him and to Mrs dog warden who may have promted his return.

mop top
02-Mar-12, 19:46
Delighted he is home safe :lol:

03-Mar-12, 00:17
I'm glad you have him back and hope he is a lot better soon.

Well done to our wonderful dog warden! :)

Tilly Teckel
03-Mar-12, 17:08
Excellent news! Very glad for you (and him). Hopefully he'll perk up now he's got his home comforts back :Razz

essex boy
03-Mar-12, 20:00
Just to let you all know that 'scooby' is now at the vets on a drip, so is not out of the woods yet. But I'll keep you informed.

03-Mar-12, 20:06
Aw really sorry that Scooby is poorly. :( Hope the drip makes him better. Maybe he was dehydrated?

Sending up a prayer for him.

mop top
04-Mar-12, 21:28
Really hoping he recovers, if only they could talk!

05-Mar-12, 14:14
How is Scooby?

05-Mar-12, 14:47
i see scooby this morning after a weekend in the vets he home but still not his usual bouncing self so finger crossed he get better soon

05-Mar-12, 19:07
Thanks starfish. Sorry he's still not well and hope he gets well soon!

essex boy
06-Mar-12, 19:17
Scooby is back at the vets on a drip and syring feeding. I think I'll know one way or the other tomorrow. Will let you know the outcome. Thanks for all the messages

06-Mar-12, 20:20
Really sorry to hear that Scooby is back at the vets,hoping for better news from you tomorrow Essex Boy,our thoughts are with you and your family,take care.

07-Mar-12, 00:34
Aw poor Scooby! Sending healing hugs. xx

07-Mar-12, 08:54
Really hope he improves soon

essex boy
08-Mar-12, 21:35
Sorry I did not let you all know yesterday but could'nt face writing it. I had a call from the vet yesterday morning saying that Scooby had gone even more downhill and that the best thing to do would be to put him to sleep, which I agreed to. Thanks to everyone.

08-Mar-12, 21:39
So so sorry to here it... All my best to you, I'm sure Scooby will always be remembered xxx

09-Mar-12, 00:23
Oh I am so very sorry! :(

Thinking of you at this sad time. Run free at rainbow bridge Scooby!

10-Mar-12, 20:19
Oh,we're so sorry to hear that,our love & thoughts are with you and your family at this sad time. Xx

10-Mar-12, 21:03
So very sorry to hear that, you must be devastated.

10-Mar-12, 21:16
so very very sorry to hear that... xxx

10-Mar-12, 23:57
so sorry to hear about 'Scooby'

11-Mar-12, 09:59
Awww, that's awful news essexboy, I really hoped he's be OK.. !:~(

Thinking of you at this sad time.....xxx

11-Mar-12, 11:02
sorry to hear about scooby, hope your all ok x

11-Mar-12, 21:35
Poor Scooby. I was so delighted to hear he had returned home and did not expect for one minute that it would end like this. Such a horrible time for you all. You have my sympathies.

Tilly Teckel
12-Mar-12, 08:00
Such sad news. At least you got him back before it happened and he had those who love him around when he needed it. Thinking of you x