View Full Version : Police reminder to dog owners

28-Feb-12, 15:04

Make sure your dog is under control at all times

FOLLOWING two separate incidents in the last week in Orkney, where dogs were not kept under proper control, one in Deerness and one in Hoy, police would like to remind owners about their responsibilities under The Control of Dogs (Scotland) Act 2010 which has affected dog owners in two ways.
The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 (DDA) now applies to ALL dogs regardless of breed or size and covers any place not just public places. This includes any private place the dog is permitted to be, for example the dog owner’s garden and home or any other persons garden.
Furthermore dog owners can be served with a 'Dog Control Notice' (DCN) if they do not keep their dog under proper control. Anyone who fails to comply with a DCN can be fined and /or the court can order the dog to be put down.
We would advise people to ensure they keep their dogs under proper control so that the behaviour of the dog will not cause alarm or apprehensiveness to any person. We appreciate that the majority of dog owners are responsible and cherish this member of their family, therefore we would hope owners will heed the law so that they don't end up possibly losing a loved pet.