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28-Feb-12, 14:20
Secondary pupils get a taste of life in the health care profession

SECONDARY school pupils from across the Highland Council area today learned first-hand what it is like to work in the health care profession.
The Centre for Health Science in Inverness played host to one of four annual events that are held to inform young people about jobs and career paths in medicine and health care.
‘Exploring Careers in Health’ is aimed at S4 pupils who have a general interest in the health and social care sector, but need help to make decisions about subject choices at school and how to apply for the right courses at college or university.
The pupils spent the day in interactive workshops taken by health care professionals from all specialities who provided pupils with an insight into their particular roles. The workshops demonstrated activities using various simulated equipment and resources normally used to train nurses, doctors, dentists, allied health professionals and a range of other health care workers.
Just as importantly, they learnt about team working which is essential in a modern health service, met professional staff in the health sector from public services and private companies, and had the opportunity to ask questions and get informed career advice.
Pamela Cremin, Workforce Planning and Development Manager for NHS Highland, explained the importance of the event is not only to inform pupils of the diversity of health care career pathways into health and social care, but the investment in the future workforce that is required to sustain health services delivery for the people of Scotland.
She said: “NHS Highland clinicians and staff took many of the workshops on the day, taking time out of their already busy clinical schedules to spend time with the pupils and give them a real opportunity and hands on experience of what really goes on in a clinical setting.
“One of the key messages we hoped to get across is that health care takes place in the community as well as in the clinical setting. We want to prepare pupils who have an interest in going into health care that there are many pathways including scientific and information technology careers; as well as direct clinical care delivery.”
Maxine Garson, School Liaison Officer – Skill for Work with the Highland Council, said: “It is very important to expose young people to real life working situations and people to help them to make informed choices about their future careers. The day is invaluable to help the young people build confidence and an understanding of their next steps.”