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28-Feb-12, 10:00
Accused warned to take venture course seriously

A SHERIFF has urged people given a placement on a potentially life-changing Venture Trust challenge to take advantage of it.
Sheriff Andrew Berry commended the course to Wick man John Munro when he sentenced him yesterday. He had previously admitted having behaved in a threatening or abusive manner in the town’s Willowbank, on January 14.
The sheriff saw a background report on the 20-year-old, who is on probation, and described it as 'helpful', particularly a reference to the fact that when the accused was working, he tended not to get into trouble.
Munro, of Kirkhill, Wick, was ordered to carry out 150 hours of unpaid community work and was ordered to take a placement on the Venture Trust programme as and when it arose. His probation will continue and will be subject to a review on April 20.
The sheriff cautioned: “Some people seem to think that it is acceptable to laugh and joke on the Venture Trust course and not treat it seriously and disrupt other people’s efforts. I hope you will take the opportunity to comply with the trust requirements.”
Sheriff Berry's remarks followed a case he dealt with earlier this month involving Scrabster teenager, Brendon Stevens who had been sent home early from a 10-day venture Trust course due to his aggressive and disruptive behaviour. The course was part of the sentence imposed on him for a series of offences including threatening behaviour, and breaches of community payback and restriction of liberty orders.
The sheriff commented that Stevens had wasted a place which would have benefited someone else and commented that he had never encountered someone more unsuitable for a community disposal.