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27-Feb-12, 16:54
Scottish Labour leader's local elections call

JOHANN LAMONT has insisted that only Scottish Labour will stick up for Scotland’s remote and rural communities.
Speaking at the Scottish Labour Highlands and Islands Conference in Inverness, at the weekend, the new leader acknowledged the unique challenges the people of Highlands and Islands face.
She also outlined her message as leader will be one for all of Scotland, not just those perceived to be Labour heartlands.
Ms Lamont said: “Scotland’s remote and rural communities face the same challenges as everywhere else – unemployment is damaging no matter where you live. But they also face unique challenges, such as higher cost of living, transport and lack of access to things like health care.”
The Labour leader criticised the SNP for pursuing a centralisation agenda which is removing power and accountability from local government and other services, leaving remote and rural areas feeling “increasingly isolated and powerless”.
She continued: “They have also shown their true face in recent weeks by breaking election promises over the road equivalent tariff in the Western Isles. Only Scottish Labour understands devolution and localism, ensuring power lies closest to the people it seeks to serve. Local government is our best hope now of protecting the things that matter in our community and only Labour can make that happen by returning Labour councillors in May.”