View Full Version : Goodnight my Darling bairn....

25-Feb-12, 13:34
C-For our cat of 18 years was PTS this morning........utterly heartbroken!!

Night, night my Darling Bairn. God Bless You........XXXXX

25-Feb-12, 13:40
Oh I am so very sorry!:~(

I know exactly how you are feeling and promise that the pain will ease even though you'll always miss your bairn.

In time you will think of her and smile and not cry.

Run free at Rainbow Bridge wee girl until you are reunited with your Mam one day. xxx

25-Feb-12, 13:50
Thank you so much Liz. Sorry, but she was my "wee girl"......XX

Stupid me! Sorry about that. :(

25-Feb-12, 13:52
I've PM'd you Liz......thank you X

25-Feb-12, 18:02
So sorry to hear about your girl, how sad. My boy (dog) had to be put to sleep christmas eve, Im heartbroken, house so empty. Thinking of you and sending a big hug xxxx

25-Feb-12, 19:29
Thank you Fran....it just hurts so very much...I keep looking for her ....xx

25-Feb-12, 20:25
Aw Iffy the heartache on losing a much loved furbairn feels unbearable at times!

Only other animal lovers understand this. It is every bit as painful as losing a human family member.

It sounds like a cliche but time does heal to a certain extent in that the awful raw pain of grief does ease and you remember all the happy times you had together. Do try the homeopathic remedy Ignatia.
It does help. xxx

26-Feb-12, 12:45
Just back from Aberdeen, so only just read this. So sorry to hear about C-Four, after you were so kind when we lost Baz. I wish animals lived as long as we do, but, unless you get a tortoise or parrot (or an elephant, but that's just silly!), I'm afraid we animal lovers wil keep putting ourselves through this heartache.

26-Feb-12, 18:07
Thank you "therealducati" ....it's just so,so difficult to let your "bairn" go. I think about your pain as well, on losing Baz....tears are falling and we have very heavy hearts....but they knew that they were loved so very much....XX

26-Feb-12, 18:41
No amount of words can ease the ache you feel when you lose a much loved family friend; but the pain gets easier to live with given time. There is no doubt our wee friends leave their paw prints on our heart, and in truth we are better, richer people for a' that.
Our thoughts are with you Iffy

26-Feb-12, 22:30
So sorry to hear this Iffy. C-for will always hold a special place in your heart....... x

27-Feb-12, 00:52
so sorry to hear your sad news I too know how you feel have lost 3 beloved pets in the past 2 yrs it does get easier but you do not forget them xxxxxxxxxxxxx

28-Feb-12, 09:25
Thank you everyone for your kind messages and PM's. I have taken a lot of comfort from them. God bless you all...XXX