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24-Feb-12, 20:07
Archie is 9 years old. He's an extremely gentle, quiet and undemanding cat but can be timid with strangers.

Archie would prefer a quiet household without children or other pets. He would be ideal for a mature couple or single person. A home in the town with a garden, or somewhere in the country would suit Archie. He uses a cat flap to access the garden and he has been micro chipped.

When Archie is in the mood, he is very adept at playing football...with a ping pong ball! Like most cats he also enjoys lying in front of the fire and having his tummy rubbed. He snoozes a lot during the day and occasionally likes to look out the window to see what is going on in the street. He likes his garden, particularly in the summer.

At present he lives in Wick but his current owner is moving into a care home.

If you think you can offer Archie a loving home, please contact Anne on 07767 768 481, or email aefinlay2 @ aol.com


09-Mar-12, 22:24
I'm happy to report that Archie has now been rehomed.

09-Mar-12, 23:09
Thats good...I was half tempted, but, it wouldnt have been fair on him as its not a quiet home.
3 kids ..oldest 5,and a dog, cat, rabbits, hamster, fish and snails already....the only plus we had was the "country" home being in a village!

10-Mar-12, 13:52
Brilliant news. Well done!

Lovely photos of Archie. Is that your handiwork Luskentyre? :)