View Full Version : Doggy Day Care?

Brew Master
24-Feb-12, 19:13
Hi there, Just wondering if any one here thinks that there is a need for a day care centre for dogs or a dog walking facility in the Thurso area.

01-Aug-12, 18:12
doggy day care might be a good idea not dog walking about fifteen of people doing dog waalking

01-Aug-12, 21:25
I've been looking in to doing my own doggie day care for Thurso! I already sit peoples pooches :) Its a good idea!

01-Aug-12, 22:15
Good idea. Saves them from being shut in for 9 hours !

02-Aug-12, 09:41
Good Idea :):)

02-Aug-12, 10:11
Great idea! We've often looked for people when I'm at college and mum is working all day, so we'd certainly take advantage once the summer is over :)

02-Aug-12, 10:28
I think it's a great idea.

02-Aug-12, 11:19
Great idea wonder if theres someone in Wick that does this

02-Aug-12, 14:11
Also, even if there are loads of others doing dog walking, I think it's a good idea to do that too, as I'd be more likely to trust someone who knew my dogs through the day care to walk them than finding somebody new :)

02-Aug-12, 21:34
I think it is an excellent idea, especially if being done correctly as opposed to people chancing their hands with no insurance etc. My Daughter says if you do it can she come and work for you lol, at 17 she fancied doggy day care as a good business idea.

Brew Master
11-Oct-12, 14:11
Wow, that's an encouraging response. I was thinking no one was interested, as I posted this back in February. :)