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22-Feb-12, 15:13
Conviction could endanger care support worker's job, court told

A COURT handed out an unusual but sympathetic sentence to a care support worker, this week after hearing that convicting her could jeopardise her good work.
Doreen Eddowes was given an absolute discharge by an honorary sheriff, which leaves the first offender without a stain on her character.
Eddowes (48) admitted threatening and abusive behaviour at the family home in Heathfield Road, Thurso, on Monday night, when she appeared from custody with her husband, Mark. He denied charges of assault and threatening or abusive behaviour and these were accepted by fiscal depute, David Barclay, at Wick Sheriff Court.
He described a drink-fuelled disagreement between them which led to Mrs Eddowes losing her temper and arguing with her husband.
Mr Barclay added: “Feelings ran high, crossing the line ever so slightly. It was the accused who phoned the police.”
Solicitor Eilidh Macdonald said that Mrs Eddowes, a first offender, had been signed off sick from work and had taken alcohol on top of strong morphine-based, tablets.
Ms Macdonald continued: “She drank far too much and lost control of herself.”
Turning to the potential consequences for her employment, the solicitor said that Eddowes worked in the voluntary sector with the ambulance service and in relation to her private voluntary employment there might be an issue with Disclosure Scotland.
Appealing for an absolute discharge which she said she had never previously asked the court for, Ms Macdonald said: “There is a distinct risk that a conviction might exclude here from the job she has done all of her life.”
Honorary Sheriff Pradip Data granted her request and told Eddowes: “I hope you will be of good behaviour in the future.”

Threatened self harm

A MAN who threatened to hang himself was remanded in custody at Wick Sheriff Court today, pending sentence.
Lee Brogan appeared from custody and admitted threatening or abusive behaviour at his home in Kennedy Terrace, Wick, and at the local police station. He was subject to a bail order, at the time.
Brogan (33) will reappear on February 28 when he is due to be sentenced on an unrelated charge.
Refusing bail, Honorary Sheriff Farquhar Macgregor said that given the fact that Brogan had pled guilty and given the nature of the charge and the accused’s record, he was unable to grant bail.